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EPA FAQ’s on Grant Issues in Response to COVID-19

EPA Frequently Asked Questions on Grant Issues in Response to the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Public Health Emergency

Last Updated: March 27, 2020

COVID-19 may have an impact on EPA financial assistance agreements. This Q&A document supplements OMB’s March 19, 2020, M-20-17 Guidance Memorandum (March 19, 2020, OMB Guidance) and provides information to applicants for, and recipients of, EPA grants and cooperative agreements regarding the impacts of COVID-19. The Office of Grants and Debarment (OGD) recognizes that the situation surrounding COVID-19 is constantly changing and this document will be updated as needed based on additional guidance from OMB or as otherwise appropriate.

Download the full report here: external-grants-covid-19-faqs


Q: Can applicants submit their applications outside of Grants.gov due to the challenges associated with COVID-19?

A: Generally, applicants for both competitive and non-competitive opportunities should continue to submit their applications to EPA electronically through Grants.gov. However, there are limited exceptions to this requirement under certain circumstances. As is standard policy, if an applicant has internet accessibility issues (related to COVID-19 or not) that prevent them from using Grants.gov, they may request a Grants.gov Exception. Instructions for how to request a Grants.gov Exception are contained in competitive announcements and can also be found HERE. On a case by case basis, applicants may also request permission from the applicable program or grants office to submit their competitive or non-competitive application outside of Grants.gov due to unforeseen exigent circumstances for a specific opportunity. Submittal issues related to COVID-19 may qualify as unforeseen exigent circumstances. Please also see FQ on SAM.gov listed above. If you have any questions on application submission issues through Grants.gov please contact your EPA program point of contact.


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