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Ecological Tourism Sustainability

Discover Deltona EcoParks & Blueways Trails

Lake McGarity at Campbell Park

A. Alexander Trail (working name): Long term, the shared use path would consist of a concrete trail connecting Howland Boulevard to Doyle Road (Thornby Park) area. Alexander Trail will be constructed in segments and include alternate alignments to link civic facilities, parks, and schools. The initial phase is expected to start in 2021.

B. The City of Deltona’s Ecological Destination Project: The Lakeshore EcoVillage Project become a formalized Parks & Rec project. City staff was directed to work on the ideas of lodging, educational use, ecological tourism/nature viewing, and trailhead development at the Lakeshore EcoVillage. A Request For Proposal & Qualification was released and now negotiation with a master tenant is underway.

C. Thornby Park: Development of the upgraded trail system and heritage based theme is completed and open.

D. Three Island and Blue Heron Phase I nature viewing and eco-tourism parks are open.

E. Rookery Park at Snook Drive/Big Lake has been approved by the ECHO Grant process and development is expected to begin in late 2020 with a 2021 completion.

F. Blue Heron Phase II has been approved by the ECHO Grant process and development is expected to be completed in 2021.

G. Butler Chain of Lake Blueways Trail, a water based trail for canoes, kayaks, and paddle boards is currently in development.

H. Wayfinding Signage for the City Nature Viewing Park System is currently underway. Many signs have already been installed throughout the city.

I. The “Discover Deltona” EcoParks app is now available for iOS and Android, allowing us to send “push-notifications”

Outdoor recreation generates revenue

The City of Deltona’s Department of Economic Development & Ecological Tourism Sustainability

“Deltona Means Business” has developed a free-standing and integrated website for Ecological Tourism Sustainability “” which is in conjunction with our “Discover Deltona” EcoParks app for iOS and Android.

The published web-application may be found at: “”

Park visitors may also find QR codes placed on trail signs throughout the City’s Nature Parks which allow them to interact, learn more and “check-in”

QR codes also allow us to understand our EcoParks demographics.

QR code for Deltona EcoParks


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