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Lyonia Wildlife Festival

The 5th Annual Lyonia Wildlife Festival

Lyonia Preserve is a joint project of Volusia County, the Volusia County School Board and the State of Florida to provide environmental education to the public and restore and maintain habitat for scrub-dependent species, including the threatened scrub jay and gopher tortoise. The preserve, named after the scrub plant rusty lyonia, consists of 360 acres of restored Florida scrub habitat.

This preserve and other Volusia County conservation lands are managed using a program of professionally accepted principles of resource and ecosystem management for the benefit of, and enjoyment by, present and future generations.

The preserve is adjacent to the Deltona Regional Library and Lyonia Environmental Center, 2150 Eustace Ave., Deltona Click here for directions.

-information obtained from: Lyonia Environmental Center

Florida Virtual Entrepreneur Center

The Entrepreneurs Hand of Guidance

   Are you an Entrepreneur located in Florida? Join FLVEC, the Florida Virtual Entrepreneur Center, a virtual network which is designed to bring business minded men and women together.
   One of the greatest features on FLVEC.COM
is the ability to create an online “Entrepreneur” profile which may be used as a tool to obtain new clients and market your strategy with other business people. Hundreds of business persons have built their online profiles and it’s great to be able to have a connection between “Go-Getters” most of whom are in business for themselves. Very often entrepreneurs are able to assist each other in marketing, sales and training efforts. We’ve even seen situations where entrepreneurs barter services in order to maximize their business profiles and presence.
   It’s true! You can actually know what you’re going to need to know, before you need to know it. Does that make sense? It does.. experience speaks for itself and when you put yourself into a room, or network, with like-minded individuals it creates an incredible type of synergy amongst peers. There is such a wide variety of talent here and not only are you able to build your business with the comraderie of other self-motivated individuals, but FLVEC may also be used as a tool to gain new clients. It makes for a great reference and having your contact links placed here not only enhances your visible presence but it increases the validity of your business and efforts.
Contact FLVEC today. Register your information and get started in building your business. What are you waiting for? Go Entrepreneurs! FLVEC.COM

Florida Virtual Entrepreneur Center

Michael Zaharios III
Program Director
Email: michael.zaharios@flvec.com


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