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Deltona has incentives to “Open” in an existing building.

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 Did you know that the City of Deltona offers a wide variety of incentives to anyone who wants to open a business in Deltona, including when a business takes over an existing property? There are “Job Creation Incentives” and additional incentives to encourage move-in to an existing property. There’s a “Rehabilitation Incentive” a ‘Demolition Assistance Incentive” and even “Beautification Grants” There are “Training Incentives” “Impact Fee Reimbursement Incentives” and other types of incentives available, use them!
So what do you need? We have programs to customize support and hand holding. Take advantage of the many Incentives, Reimbursements and Grants available to you by submitting your Incentive application today.

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A City on the move!

Congratulations to the our Economic Development & Ecological Tourism Sustainability Manager, Jerry Mayes

Earning the Employee of the Year-Economic Enrichment award on May 23, at the 2019 Volusia League of Cities Distinguished Service Awards:

Ecological TourismIt’s very evident when you attend a grand opening in Deltona that businesses are here because of Jerry Mayes. As the City of Deltona’s Economic Development & Ecological Tourism Sustainability Manager, Jerry is in the business of convincing businesses to come to Deltona. It’s because of his persistence that Halifax Health is building a hospital here and Advent Health has built medical facilities here. It was Jerry who made the ‘famous’ call to Halifax Health seeking an opportunity to discuss the development of a much needed hospital in Deltona. Rafael Ramirez, Halifax Health, said “Jerry demonstrates tenacity, but is totally professional and well-informed. His work habits are second to none. He ‘bleeds’ Deltona and is its most loyal employee. Thank God that the City Manager and the City Commission keep changing his mind on retirement. I also warned him I’d stop construction if he retired”

It’s because of Mayes’s persistence with Halifax, Advent Health and others that Deltona will soon have that “lunch crowd,” a much-needed workforce to open the flood gates for restaurants and retail residents are clamoring for. Most of that is already being realized in the Howland Boulevard corridor. Others would have given up, but not Jerry. Mayes is good with residents. We might have a room full of residents not pleased with development, but after Mayes addresses their concerns, they leave happy about Deltona’s growth.

Jerry might be a bit more “green” than the average developer. His failed attempts at becoming a world-renowned turkey hunter, naturally has given him a genuine appreciation for the outdoors. Mayes led the effort in Deltona becoming a Monarch City, a State-designated “Trail Town” and in the Lakeshore/Community Center area becoming a State-designated Trail Head. Plans for the Eco-tourism Village are in the works too! His other plans are for Deltona to become a Pollinator City and a Blueways City, ready for recreational use of water trails as well as reducing and eliminating chemicals that are harmful to pollinators, our food system and the planet. He has a passion for making Deltona an Eco-Tourism destination and has a wonderful vision of how the Lake Monroe/Lakeshore Drive is a key component in Deltona’s economic future.

Jerry Mayes is very active in Volusia County, ensuring that the Deltona message is heard. Through his involvement in many organizations related to economic initiatives like Team Volusia, CEO Business Alliance, Chambers of Commerce, and the Deltona Business Alliance.

Butterfly Jerry Mayes

Jerry Mayes,                  Economic Development & Ecological Tourism Sustainability





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