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Volusia County Commuting Patterns

Labor Shed Analysis

Labor Shed studies and analysis provide economic development partners, including existing and prospective employers, a valuable tool which helps us to understand the labor market locally. It assists economic developers in making informed decisions regarding expansion and site selection. Labor Shed studies may also help us in gathering details on the potential impact on the environment, socially or even economical incidents.

Working and Living

The majority of Volusia County workers blend into the Health Care/Social Service category (17.5%) and the Retail market (14.4%) Whereas 14.9% of workers actually living in Volusia County are employed in the Health Care/Social Services niche and 14% in Retail trade. What do these numbers really tell us? A very detailed examination of the commuting patterns for the County of Volusia shows us that there is a net outflow of -41,914 workers. That means that 48.1% of workers who reside in Volusia county are employed in other counties throughout the state. Beginning with Orange County at 26,630 workers followed by Seminole County at 21,566 workers and Duval County with 6,478 Volusia County residents working there. This is the 20th lowest outflow ranking among Florida counties. In contrast, there are 55,039 Volusia County workers whom reside outside of the county.

Veterans and Civilians

There are over 50,000 Veterans residing within Volusia County and a 69.4% owner-occupied housing rate. This shows us that the majority of Volusia County home-owners actually live in the homes which they own. Volusia county has an estimated population of 547,538 residents and as of August 2019 a Civilian labor force of 52%, that’s 257,950 Volusia County residents who are willing and able to get to work. The average travel time for the commuters to get to work is 25 minutes.

Jobs and Labor

There are over 12,603 employer establishments in Volusia County and total employment of 143,888. This proves a 3.7% unemployment rate. The work area profile shows a total number of primary jobs in Volusia County as 159,608. Most workers are between the ages of 30-54 (51.1%) followed by 55 and older at 26.6% and 29 or younger at 22.3%. That 35,591 jobs for the worker of age 29 or younger. Although 23.7% of job earnings are under $1,250 per month, the majority of earnings are between $1,251 and $3,333 per month and 33.4% of jobs by earnings at over $3,333 per month. Lead again by Health Care/Social Assistance, Retail and Accommodation/Food Services.

Inflow & Outflow

There are almost 97,000 external jobs filled by residents, 50,000 of them between the ages of 30 & 54. But the internal jobs, filled by outside workers is 55,039. Internal jobs filled by residents is a whopping 104,569.

Volusia County Workforce

Volusia County’s workforce is strong, dedicated, educated and ready to get to work. Many residents have been forced to work outside of the county. Deltona in specific is different, because we are changing. We are growing, exponentially and this expansive growth has gained the attention of people from all around the world. The growth of the Medical Arts Districts in Deltona as well as Retail development, Residential development and a 1.4 million square foot Amazon Fulfillment Center is encouraging residents who would rather work within the city they live. Deltona’s residents stand above the rest with much to look forward to. It truly is “A City on the Move”


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