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Performance Based Incentives

City of Deltona Performance Based Incentives

Governments often use direct subsidies or tax credits as incentives to encourage investment and promote economic growth and other development objectives. Properly designed and implemented, using a Cost Benefit Analysis & Return on Investment Projections, these incentives can advance a wide range of policy objectives such as increasing employment, promoting sustainability, enhancing citizens’ quality of life, and increasing economic equality.

All incentives paid will be based upon proof of performance.
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All grants and incentives are at the discretion of the Deltona City Commission and are approved on a case-by-case basis. (more…)

Deltona has incentives to “Open” in an existing building.

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 Did you know that the City of Deltona offers a wide variety of incentives to anyone who wants to open a business in Deltona, including when a business takes over an existing property? There are “Job Creation Incentives” and additional incentives to encourage move-in to an existing property. There’s a “Rehabilitation Incentive” a ‘Demolition Assistance Incentive” and even “Beautification Grants” There are “Training Incentives” “Impact Fee Reimbursement Incentives” and other types of incentives available, use them!
So what do you need? We have programs to customize support and hand holding. Take advantage of the many Incentives, Reimbursements and Grants available to you by submitting your Incentive application today.

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Incentives and Development

Above and beyond standard #florida state incentives, the city of deltona offers a competitive, performance-based incentive package for new businesses who fall within an approved primary target industry.

For a view of the City’s entire incentive program: Deltona-Incentive-Application-

   We broke from the norm’ a little bit by having a Developer side of the Incentives Program. For instance, a Developer comes to Deltona and builds an Office Building or Retail Strip which he does not occupy. The Developer may not be creating specific jobs for that location but we can still incentivize that Developer. We will also incentivize the Companies who decide to occupy that Office Building or Retail Strip.

   As an addition in 2019, one of the things that the City of Deltona did was include High Density Residential Apartments, not Condominiums, but High Density Residential Apartments. Commercial Properties are also now included as part of the City of Deltona’s Incentive Program
Statistically strong, perfectly located, dedicated to healthcare and ready to work. Deltona is The Florida Address for Success!

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