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Deltona Community Gardens and the Navigators

Deltona Community Gardens and The Navigators, Troop #213

Deltona Community Gardens, located at 675 Elgrove Drive in Deltona, received a wonderful gift from “The Navigators” Troop #213, USA Chapter 231 -A custom made picnic table! Crafted and constructed by the troop and their leaders. The Navigators operate as a troop that learns the fundamentals of living, perhaps considered a little non-conventional the youth are learning valuable lessons which will provide a fundamental station for the entirety of their lives. Learning how to build, grow, teach and explore the world and their imaginations.

Deltona Community Gardens provides a place…

..a place for students, residents, visitors and families to grow and enjoy their very own gardens. The time a family may spend outdoors, working a garden is invaluable and it’s this time together which will be remembered the most. Starting a garden, planting the seeds and nurturing it gives us the benefit of organic food. Not only may you enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables from your garden to enjoy at home but you can grow plants and flowers to enhance the beauty and aroma of your surroundings.

Have you been to Deltona Community Gardens? Founded in 2016, Deltona Community Gardens is located at 675 Elgrove Drive Next to Vann Park.


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