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Discover Deltona Ecoparks!

Deltona is the perfect mix of recreation, entertainment, ecological tourism and nature.


1. Audubon Park
Corner of Lush Ln. and Doyle Rd.

2. Big Lake Rookery

3. Community Gardens at Vann Park
675 Elgrove Drive

4.Lyonia Environmental Center & Nature Preserve
2150 Eustace Avenue

5.Thornby Nature Park
110 Providence Blvd.

6.Deltona’s Lakeshore EcoVillage
980 Lakeshore Dr

7. Lake Monroe Boat Ramp
966 Lakeshore Drive

8.Three Island Lake Nature Preserve Park
2100 Brewster Drive

9.(West) Blue Heron Nature Preserve Park

10.Lake McGarity at Campbell Park
1315 Briarwood Avenue

City Parks

11.Dewey O. Boster Sports Complex
1200 Saxon Blvd.

12.Dupont Lakes Park
2711 Elkcam Blvd.

13.Dwight Hawkins Park
3050 Riverhead Drive

14.Festival Park
191 Howland Blvd.

15.Firefighters’ Memorial Park
1426 East Lombardy Drive

16.Harris M. Saxon Community Center & Park
2329 California Street

17. Keysville Dog Park
2641 Keysville Avenue

18.Lake Butler Recreation Complex:
Youth Advisory Board Skate Park
301 Courtland Blvd

19.Lake Gleason Park
1019 East Gaucho Circle

20.Montecito Park
2394 Oberlin Lane

21.Manny Rodriguez Park
1570 Overton Street

22.Timber Ridge Park
1138 Glendale Avenue

23.Tom Hoffman Park
1751 Whipple Drive

24.Veterans’ Memorial Park & Museum
1921 Evard Avenue

25.Wes Crile Park
1537 Norbert Terrace

Many nature based experiences are offered with the City of Deltona. The Ecological Tourism Sustainability Plan consists of:

I. Trails
II. Nature Themed Parks
III. Back to Nature & Pollinator Friendly Themed Projects

The sustainability premise of the Ecological Tourism Sustainability Plan is this: with sufficient nature based attractions and experiences being offered, stays exceeding one day are to be expected. These extended stays, with “Heads on Pillows & Wallets Opened” will now enhance the ecological growth for:

1. Bicycle Shops, Kayak/Canoe Rentals. Bait and Fishing Shops, as well as other shops with essential provisions.

2. Restaurants, Cafés, Service Companies and Lodging.

The development of these ecological and nature based facilities fall into three groups, as follows:


• Florida’s St Johns River to Sea Loop Trail (accomplished)
• Florida’s Coast to Coast Trail (accomplished)
• Deltona’s Lakeshore Loop Trail (accomplished)
• Deltona: Florida Greenways & Trails designation – Trail Town (accomplished)
• Deltona: Florida Greenways & Trails designation – Lakeshore Trailhead (accomplished)
• Deltona: Lakeshore Trailhead Master Plan (Neel-Schaffer Consulting) (working)
• Deltona: Providence Boulevard North/South City Connector Stem Trail (working)
• Deltona: Providence Boulevard North/South City Branch Trail, connecting various City parks and new neighborhoods to the Providence Boulevard North/South City Connector Stem Trail (projected and working),
• Deltona: Lakeshore Blue Trail (projected)
• Deltona & Volusia County: Lakeshore Boardwalk Trail (projected)
• Blueways Trails and the Butler Chain of Lakes Blueway Trail

   The development of the Lakeshore EcoVillage is a City project to develop the property currently owned by the City of Deltona at 980 Lakeshore Drive. A “Cracker Revival Look” will add to the early Florida ambiance of a multi-room lodge, mini-houses, and tree houses. The lodging and restaurant will be available to the public, but is primarily intended for trail users, boaters, fishermen, and nature enthusiasts. In addition to the Lodge, the existing “Craft Building” will be rejuvenated and leased to a bicycle shop.  The “Little Red Schoolhouse” will be the informational and educational facility serving the trail system. Included will be the paving of this site’s parking lot, to provide better designation of parking, enhance traffic flows, and resolve the rain-washed debris onto the Lakeshore Loop Trail and Lakeshore Drive.

Partners: St Johns River to Sea Loop Association; Volusia County Parks & Recreation Department; Florida Department of Economic Opportunity’s Department of Greenways & Trails; Community of Enterprise; Edgewater Condominium Association; Lakeside Condominium Association; St Johns River Water Management District.


   Parks dedicated primarily as nature experience-based parks, with minimum manmade impact: minimal impact parking and trails, natural or manmade water features; educational/historical and nature themed signage; striving toward ADA compliancy. Linking these parks with an Nature-Park Tour Trail is based on the City of San Antonio’s Mission Trail, where the missions of San Antonio (circa 1700s and early 1800s) were connected with roads so that the missions could be accessed (in earlier times by one to two day’s wagon or horseback travel time, and by less than one-hour current time). Each park has wayfinding signage (directions also available via electronic access) showing the entire five-mission tour, with explicit directions to the two closest missions). One visit leads to another. The same thought applies to the Nature Park Tour Trail… follow the signage to each new park, to see birds and wildlife native to that ecosystem.


1. Lyonia Educational Center and Trails – Lyonia features a “birdwatcher’s life-bird” that is in great demand, the Florida Scrub Jay. Other wildlife is also featured, along with multiple educational themed exhibits and offerings. Currently out-of-state and out-of-country visitors exceed ten thousand visits annually;
2. Thornby Park – Thornby Park features an “all inclusive” playground for children with disabilities. The existing nature trail is currently being expanded to an outdoor classroom, a water feature, historical and nature features with signage, and is being upgraded to make it ADA accessible with benches, ramps, boardwalks, and a bridge;
3. Audubon Nature Park – Located with easy automobile access through the Doyle Road/Lush Lane parking entrance, and accessible to the trail systems for bikers and walkers through the South Entrance, Audubon offers a wide variety of natural themes:

Scrub Jay

A. In a one year study, over 200 species of birds were observed at this park by the Audubon Society.

B. There are numerous other (non-bird) species within the park.

C. There are five ecological systems, each offering a variety of differing flora and fauna;

D. There is an expanded water feature: A “falling water” series of ponds with water flowing from the shallow marsh impoundment to the deeper marsh pond, to the deep water pond…a series of three adjoining ponds. All attract various wildlife.



A. Beechdale Phase l – Located at Ft. Smith and Beechdale Drive, this is a two phased park that will offer expansive water features and open viewing areas, trails, parking, benches, and observation points.

B. Brewster (Three Island Lake) – Located in the NE area of Deltona, Brewster offers wooded trails that meander alongside Three Island Lake. It offers large oaks and pines, the lakeshore water feature, observation points connected by trails.


A. Beechdale Phase ll – This is a continuation of the Phase l development. It expands the nature-themed offerings with additional parks, bridges, raised boardwalks, and great overlooks.

B. Snook/Rookery – Located in a south/central location, this parks overlooks Big Lake, which is well known to nature enthusiasts for a large wading bird rookery. The lake water feature and rookery overlook are great focus points, but the trail will also feature low impact parking and trails, educational and wayfinding signage, and more.

C. Inclusion of Campbell Park, an existing City park. Campbell Park offers a low-impact trail, boardwalks, and a two-story observation tower overlooking Lake McGarity. Fishing and boating are also available, along with pavilions and picnic tables.

D. Deltona Community Gardens, an existing facility offering security fenced raised bed gardening, classes, community based gatherings, and more, will work with the City to expand a “food trail” featuring various native and common non-native fruit and nut trees to augment the gardens.
Partners: Deltona Strong; Volusia County ECHO Grant Program, West Volusia Audubon Society




2018   –Become a Monarch City USA designated city.

(accomplished). Begin a development and publicity program to provide locations, develop locations, promote pollinator friendly locations in both city-owned locations and privately owned locations, and publicize this program through recognition (signs and publicity).

2020     –In 2020, become an official “Pollinator Friendly City”, via the Xerces Association accreditation.

A. Become a “Bee City”, via the Florida Bee Keepers Association.

2020    -Through resolution, become a Bird Sanctuary City.




Themed Event

  1. Resolution to be placed before City of Deltona Commission to declare 2020 “The Year of the Butterfly”.
  2. The initial “City of Deltona Monarch Festival” planned for spring of 2020.



Themed Event

  1. Resolution placed before City of Deltona Commission to declare 2021 “The Year of the Bird”.
  2. The initial “City of Deltona Birding & Nature Festival” in first quarter of 2021.

Partners: West Volusia Audubon Society; Florida Wildlife Commission; Florida Department of Economic Opportunity; Department of Greenways & Trails. Deltona Community Gardens, Xerces Association, Monarch City USA


For a full list of Deltona’s Parks, visit the City’s online directory by clicking here: City Park Directory




Ecotourism & Preservation

   Over the past few years, the City of Deltona has focused on the development of nature themed parks, and an extensive trail and bicycle system to access these resources and help the physical as well as the emotional well-being of our citizens.

benefits of ecotourism

   Parks and recreation facilities provide opportunities for physical activity and can help people of all ages lead a more active lifestyle. People who live near parks are more likely to be active, improving their quality of life. Our research documents the most effective ways to improve the design, quality and availability of parks and recreation resources. Making EcoParks accessible in all communities is a critical strategy for increasing physical activity, economic growth and preventing COVID-19.

Florida EcoParks

The City of Deltona EcoParks Initiative

The Wildlife Viewing and Nature Tourism Academy approached the City of Deltona to participate at its national meeting being held in Florida in 2020. Deltona was the only municipal government participating in the academy, which is sponsored by the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies. This was in recognition of the significant strides the City has made to develop and connect residents to nature. The Academy has asked the City of Deltona to share its story at the next Annual Academy Event.

Neighboring Cities of Sanford and DeBary are working with Deltona Staff to cooperatively market and share our collective Natural Assets. Taken together, these three city’s form a region with exceptional outdoor recreational assets. Moving forward, this three city partnership will continue to cooperatively enhance our complementary efforts.

The City of Deltona contained a feature article in an edition of the Florida Fish and Wildlife publication called “Catch a Wild Tourist”. This article outlines the City’s overarching goal of creating passive outdoor nature parks within a city often associated with suburbanization. View the article here: @MyFWC “Kite Tales”

The Conservation Florida Organization is working with the City to make the 483 Acre D-Ranch publicly accessible to educate residents and visitors on natural areas, EcoParks and wildlife corridors.




Ongoing Development and Recently Finished Projects

Portland Industrial Park of Deltona

The Deltona City Commissioners voted unanimously to approve an incentive package worth almost $2.5 million for a major distribution center, Amazon!

“Deltona’s Portland Industrial Park”

    The City of Deltona welcomes Amazon to our City! The project represents the most recent, and largest, win from the City’s ongoing economic development efforts. The project will result in the construction of a 1.4 million square foot fulfillment center, built on an 85 acre portion of the new Portland Industrial Park, located at the Interstate-4/SR 472 Interchange Area. The City plans for this area to be an employment center of regional significance.

Portland Industrial Park -PDF

RMA Lynn Dehlinger

Senior Economic Development Manager, Associate Broker

2401 East Atlantic Blvd. Suite #305

Pompano Beach, FL 33062

o:  954-695-0754 | c: 407-619-2848


Halifax Health

The physical construction of the Halifax Health Emergency Room is completed and open. Construction of the six story bed tower (Phase 3) is complete, as the topping-off ceremony has been held. Now the interior of the building is being developed. Halifax Health has received approval of a 55,000 square foot medical office building (MOB) as part of this project. This $150+ million project will become a major job creator and economic driver for the Deltona Activity Center’s “Medical Arts District” and the City of Deltona. The hospital is projecting to open in December of 2019. Of note, on November 7th, 2018, Halifax Health announced a planned joint venture with the University of Florida Health (Shands) for the Deltona hospital facility.


Halifax Health, Deltona

Deltona Village


Conveniently located between Daytona Beach and Orlando at one of the last undeveloped exits on Interstate 4.

Anchor pads and out parcels available.


Epic Theatres at Deltona Village

Deltona Village

Florida Hospital (AdventHealth)

AdventHealth is building an emergency facility on Howland Blvd. A groundbreaking ceremony was held on Friday, January 11th. The projected grand opening was held in August, 2019. This development will bring in additional health services and 40 new medical employees to this “Medical Arts District”

AdventHealth, Deltona ER is now open for patients and guests.


Howland Boulevard Storage (Store Right)



Wawa is your all day every day stop for fresh and hot food, gas, services and a surcharge free ATM. Now open on the corner of Howland next to the new Halifax Health.


The House Next Door

One of the primary goals of The House Next Door is to build a positive rapport with the Family. Our Family eduation and support programs require parental involvement. The Family must also commit to being open and honest in sessions, and strive to follow the recommendations of the program counselors.


O’Reilly Auto Parts

O’Reilly Automotive intends to be the dominant supplier of auto parts in our market areas by offering our retail customers, professional installers and jobbers the best combination of price and quality provided with the highest possible service level.


Burger King

Every day, more than 11 million guest visit Burger King restaurants around the world. And they do so because our restaurants are known for serving high-quality, great tasting food. Founded in 1954, Burger King is the second largest fast-food hamburger chain in the world. The original home of the Whopper. Our commitment to premium ingredients, signature recipes and family-friendly dining experiences is what has defined our brand for more than 50 successful years.


Family Health Source

Providing quality healthcare services which are accessible to all persons in our community. Promoting individual health and wellness through education, services and resources.


First Choice Pediatrics

At First Choice Pediatrics (FCP) we understand the importance of feeling completely comfortable with your child’s primary care physician. Your children’s health is our priority. Our Board Certified Pediatricians have extensive training in children’s health care. FCP provides the finest Pediatricians who are dedicated to meeting the healthcare needs of infants to teenagers. Our expert physicians offer full-service pediatric care.


MultiCare Physicians Direct Primary Care

Multicare Physicians Direct Primary Care (DPC) was designed for more affordable and more accommodating, preventative healthcare.


Lakeshore Eco-Village

Redevelopment of the Lakeshore Community Center, with emphasis on a “recreational lodge use” Tree Houses, Cabins and Camping. A bike-hut, the Little Red Schoolhouse and a Lodge as well as an improved boat landing and Kayak Rentals.

Howland Crossings and IRG

Howland Crossings

Howland Crossings is a new development area of 8.1 acres divided into smaller parcels. Located on Howland Boulevard and Martin Luther King Boulevard. Howland Crossings is the location for The Center at Deltona which is Deltona’s new multi-million dollar community center. Located only a few minutes from the I-4 corridor on Howland Boulevard, this is the perfect location to build and open a business. The City of Deltona, along with developers and partners, is also currently in the beginning stages of building a 1.4 million square foot distribution center right down the road. This facility is estimated to bring about 1,000 jobs to the City of Deltona. The new Halifax Hospital/University of Florida is also located just a few minutes away down Howland Boulevard. All of this amazing growth is sure to bring many opportunities to the residents of Deltona and surrounding areas. It’s your chance to get in on the ground floor. Good things are happening in Deltona and we’re proud to be a part of it.

Please contact Steve MacGeorge and Somer Froemming of IRG Commercial, Inc.

To learn more please contact:

Steve MacGregor

Steve MacGeorge    (321) 356-1802

Somer Froemming

Somer Froemming (407) 862-0101

Equity and EPIC Theatre

Deltona Village

The new Mixed-Use 150 acre master planned property allowing over 900,000 square feet of mixed commercial development, with entitlements already in place, Deltona Village is open for business. Anchored by the EPIC Theatres of West Volusia, which in 2016 was the highest grossing theater of all theaters in St. Johns, Flagler, Volusia, Brevard, Indian River, and Saint Lucie Counties! Amazing potential at this location along the I-4 corridor on Howland Boulevard. Deltona is quickly becoming not only known as a Medical Arts District but a centralized location for dining, shopping, ecological tourism and housing. Deltona is being recognized as the next major business expansion region north of Orlando. On the western side of the Deltona Village property is a proposed 1.4 million+ square foot distribution center and the new Halifax Health/University of Florida is just across the street on the north side. With all of the new jobs, new housing and development, Deltona’s population of 92,000 residents is sure to flourish. Deltona Village is located on the Southern corners of Howland Boulevard and East Graves Avenue, with the addition of 4 acres on the northwestern corner of Forest Edge Drive and Howland Boulevard.

Deltona Village PDF

For more information please contact:
Jerry Robson (407) 995-6673

JJ Robson

Call JJ today to learn more

Nathan Palmer (614) 586-3303

Nathan Palmer

Contact Nathan, Senior Vice President of Equity


Visit to learn more about Deltona Village.

Good things are happening in Deltona.

Deltona is “Opportunity Knocking”

Being in business is about making money and showing profits. It is also about maintaining an entrepreneurial zeal to meet the market need and achieve significant results.

The City of Deltona is anxious to assist new businesses to assure their successful location in Deltona. Starting a new business requires a major commitment of time, energy, and capital. You will also be required to obtain a business license, and other required zoning, planning, and building permits depending on the nature of your business. Most important to your success is the development of a business plan, which describes how your business will be managed and operated. A business plan is also essential if you are seeking financing for your business.
#followtheleader #startupbusiness #businesspassion #goodthings #businessopportunity #deltona


Trail Projects



(A) Providence Boulevard Trail:


A feasibility study is completed by the River-to-Sea Transportation Planning Organization for a shared use path along Providence Boulevard. The project has been approved by the TPO and FDOT. The shared use path would consist of a concrete trail connecting Howland Boulevard to Doyle Road (Thornby Park). Providence Trail will be constructed in segments and include alternate alignments to link civic facilities, parks, and schools. Avcon was selected as the design and engineering firm and design, engineering, and surveying are currently underway.

(B) The City of Deltona’s Ecological Destination Project:


The Commission directed City staff to work on the ideas of lodging, educational use, and ecological tourism/trailhead development.

    • Staff continues to solicit and discuss the redevelopment of the Lakeshore Community Center, with emphasis on a “recreational lodge use” and.
    • The three ecological parks’ ECHO grant applications have been approved by the Volusia County Council. Design, engineering, and surveying for the parks are currently underway.
    • On January 23rd, the City of Deltona was awarded a Trailhead Designation for the Lakeshore Drive facility.


Lakeshore Trailhead

Lakeshore Trailhead at the Deltona Community Center

Lakeshore Trailhead

Lakeshore Trailhead Ceremony

On January 23rd, the City of Deltona was designated as a FL Trail Town by the Florida Department of Greenways & Trails. The Lakeshore Loops/Lakeshore Facility was also designated as a State of Florida Trailhead and will be listed on the Greenways & Trails website. This is a large step in recognition of trails and trail usage for the SW Volusia region and the City of Deltona.

(C) Development of Pollinator Gardens and Monarch City USA Signage:

As a part of the City’s April 26th Arbor Day Festivities, milkweed (the preferred plant for the Monarch Butterflies) was given away at Deltona City Hall in the morning and at the Deltona Community Gardens (DCG) in the afternoon. Over thirty participants attended the DCG event, collecting milkweed plants, seeds for pollinator plants, and taking time to have their pictures taken with the first set of butterfly wings (Monarch Butterfly). The City plans to have multiple sets of butterfly wings located throughout the City for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Jerry Mayes

Jerry Mayes, Economic Development & Ecological Tourism Sustainability Manager



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