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Talent Investment through Education


If there is one thing Deltona is passionate about, it’s our children. Our city has a fantastic regional Library, located next to a conservation area “Lyonia Wildlife Preserve” Multiple parks and activities dedicated to sports and an active lifestyle. Being dedicated to all 25,000 of our children means that we take education seriously. The Volusia School District has a 97% graduation rate, low discipline issues, and high attendance.








EDEP is offered at 41 Volusia County Elementary Schools. The EDEP offers a safe environment with supervised after-school enrichment activities including, but not limited to, homework monitoring, tutoring, community service projects, arts and crafts, music, drama, outside recreational activities and much more! Currently, almost 3800 students attend Volusia County Schools EDEP. Each program also uses an after school literacy program, KidzLit, to help build students’ comprehension and vocabulary development.


In summary, Deltona believes that talent investment through education is a key component to our successful economic growth.

Career capital, talent pipelining and sustainability.

Incentives and Development

Above and beyond standard #florida state incentives, the city of deltona offers a competitive, performance-based incentive package for new businesses who fall within an approved primary target industry.

For a view of the City’s entire incentive program: Deltona-Incentive-Application-

   We broke from the norm’ a little bit by having a Developer side of the Incentives Program. For instance, a Developer comes to Deltona and builds an Office Building or Retail Strip which he does not occupy. The Developer may not be creating specific jobs for that location but we can still incentivize that Developer. We will also incentivize the Companies who decide to occupy that Office Building or Retail Strip.

   As an addition in 2019, one of the things that the City of Deltona did was include High Density Residential Apartments, not Condominiums, but High Density Residential Apartments. Commercial Properties are also now included as part of the City of Deltona’s Incentive Program
Statistically strong, perfectly located, dedicated to healthcare and ready to work. Deltona is The Florida Address for Success!

Contact The City of Deltona’s Economic Development Manager, Jerry Mayes for more information and be sure to visit the “Incentive” section of Deltona Means Business at: DeltonaMeansBusiness.com

Download and submit the Deltona Incentive Application now:


Deltona is “Opportunity Knocking”

Being in business is about making money and showing profits. It is also about maintaining an entrepreneurial zeal to meet the market need and achieve significant results.

The City of Deltona is anxious to assist new businesses to assure their successful location in Deltona. Starting a new business requires a major commitment of time, energy, and capital. You will also be required to obtain a business license, and other required zoning, planning, and building permits depending on the nature of your business. Most important to your success is the development of a business plan, which describes how your business will be managed and operated. A business plan is also essential if you are seeking financing for your business.
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What is Economic Development?

How do you feel when you see a new business open up in your community? A sense of pride?

Training or learning new skills?

Do you ever take your children to the park and get the feeling that you’re “Living the American Dream”?

(when you’re not screaming at them to slow down)

That’s Economic Development.

   Deltona Means Business identifies gaps in the system and helps to provide solutions and resources for those issues. Economic Development is at the heart of every great community and Deltona is no exception. A strong economy requires a strong community, which in turn, provides opportunities. A thriving economy won’t happen just by chance. It takes expertise, hard work, communication and ideas. Not only from the Professionals doing the work but from the community itself.

   We all have one common goal here in Deltona, a stronger, more resilient, more vibrant and inclusive economy where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. To strive, to seek, to find a better way of living. We do this through education and knowledge, competency and expertness. We collaborate to attract new businesses to the area and we work hard to champion for the ones we already have, to help them grow by navigating funding options, financing programs and investment opportunities.

Career capital… talent pipelining… sustainability.


  • Business Plan Development
  • Marketing Advice and Business Location Selection
  • Recruiting, Hiring and Training Assistance
  • Government Contracting and Exporting
  • Location and Real Estate values
  • Retail Development
  • Trail Projects
  • Residential Development
  • Incentives and Grants
  • The Medical Arts District
  • Eco-Tourism
  • Deltona Business Park
  • Workforce Education


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Residential Development

Residential development is important to Economic Development in that it assists in the diversification of the City’s residential inventory and the development of marketplace for future growth.

In discussions with the City’s Planning & Development Services Staff, there are five (5) residential sub-divisions in either processing or discussion, as follows:

A. Fernanda Place 253 lots-approved
B. Lake Gleason Reserve 53 lots-approved
C. Lake Sidney Estates 38 lots approved (working on sewer-build 150)
D. Vineland Reserve 407 lots-approved for phased development
E. Hampton Oaks 278 lots-approved

1000+ lots total

The Volusia DOED last several Q reports show the average new home cost in Deltona at $250,000.
These approved new homes to be will be valued at $257 Million.
Additionally, please note that the City has been approached by other potential subdivisions (each with commercial out-parcels) totaling up to 1,000 +/-additional residential lots. Subdivisions Update Map



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